Make Sure Everything Is Up to Code

Let our structural engineers design your new building in or around Parkland & Miami, FL

Are you thinking about building a new custom home? Want to redesign the layout of your business? The structural engineers at Hoyos Engineering, Inc. in Parkland & Miami, FL are here to turn your ideas into professional blueprints.

Our residential structural engineers can help you finalize the design of your new home or addition. We can also create structural designs for commercial spaces, which are especially important if you want to start remodeling. You can even have us create new metal building designs.

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Why you can trust us

At Hoyos Engineering, we view our work as more than just a job. Instead, we're proud to help those in our local community design safe and secure structures that will last for years to come.

You can count on our structural engineers because we:

Have over 15 years of experience | Are very responsive and value our customers | Will work closely with you from start to finish | Produce high-quality designs | Offer fair and competitive pricing

Plus, we make it easy to get a free estimate right over the phone.

Leave nothing up to chance

Along with designing new buildings, we can perform structural inspections on existing ones. This is especially important for buildings that are 40 years old or more, as the state of Florida requires them to be inspected for any structural and electrical issues.

With our structural building inspection services, we'll check all across your building to make sure everything is as it should be. From your floors and wiring to your concrete foundation, we make sure nothing goes unchecked.

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