Looking to Build a Custom Home?

We create structural plans for homes in the Parkland & Miami, FL area

Deciding to build your own custom home can be exciting. But if you don't have the right design in place, the entire project could become a major hassle. Luckily, Hoyos Engineering, Inc. is here to help.

We create structural plans for homes here in the Parkland & Miami, FL area. Our team of engineers will make sure your home design is structurally sound and follows all proper regulations. We'll also calculate the amount of resources you'll need, along with any risks to watch out for.

Contact us to discover how we can create a structural plan for your home.

Helping you update your current home

Our residential structural engineers can work on more than just new homes. We can also help you design new:

  • Home additions
  • Room remodels
  • Retaining walls
  • Decks
  • Porches

Whatever it is you want to add to your home, you can trust us to design it. Speak with our residential structural engineers to get started.